We are committed to giving our students the very best opportunities in life. Our students are educated in a selective area; the majority at Walton are Middle and Lower Prior Attainers at the end of Key Stage 2. We support all of our students in achieving their full potential by offering a curriculum that includes academic, creative and vocational subjects that are both relevant and engaging for all our students. The wide range of these subjects allows different pathways that suit our students’ needs to ensure they are both stretched, challenged and supported in their studies.

Our intent is that the curriculum our students follow is:

  •          Student-centred
  •         Fit for purpose, offering differentiation and personalisation
  •         Effective at preparing students for a successful adult and working life in a 21st century global society
  •        Providing every opportunity for students to exceed national standards in attainment and progression
  •      Nurturing the talents of all and celebrating success at every opportunity
  •         Focussed on scholastic excellence.