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Walton students attend Service of Thanksgiving for Professor Stephen Hawking

 2018 june Hawking


Four sixth form students from Walton Girls’ High School attended the Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey on Friday, 15th June to celebrate the life of Professor Stephen Hawking.

Walton was selected from a public ballot of over 500 schools to attend this historic event which honoured one of the world’s most renowned physicists.

Sixth formers Lili Hajnal, Jasmine Richardson, Sydney Dickens-Smith and Elysia Chettle were given the opportunity to attend the memorial service due to their roles in the academy as STEM ambassadors. All of the girls are studying A level Maths or Physics at Walton.

During the thanksgiving service, Professor Hawking’s ashes were interred close to those of other distinguished scientists, Charles Darwin and Grantham’s Sir Isaac Newton.  One of the most influential scientists of all time, Newton was born in Woolsthorpe in 1642 and laid to rest at the Abbey in 1727.

Teacher Mike Hoad, leader of Walton’s Gifted and Talented programme, accompanied the students to the service and commented: “It has been an absolute honour for the girls to attend such an historic event and to be part of the service to remember such an important scientist. I’m sure this is an experience they will treasure for the rest of their lives.”

Sixth former Sydney Dickens-Smith said, “It was an absolutely fantastic experience to celebrate the achievements and life of Professor Stephen Hawking,” while classmate Elysia Chettle described it as, “A completely unforgettable celebration to remember the work of a phenomenal physicist and mathematician.”

Walton will be accepting admissions from boys from September 2019.  Members of the public can view the academy at the Open Evening taking place on Wednesday 27th June from 5.30pm to 8.00pm.

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Yr 11 Mathematics Final Exam Prep


Year 11 were treated to bacon and sausage sandwiches this morning before their last GCSE Maths exam. Mrs Sutton, Mr Hoad and Mr Birchenough once again donned their chef’s whites to make sure all the girls were well nourished before their final paper. Added to the Golden Mile posters and the rest of the Maths department providing last minute support meant that the girls went in to the exam as ready (and as well fed) as they could possibly be.


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Open Evening June 2018

Open Evening

MAIN ACADEMY OPEN EVENING – Wed 27th June 2018 - 5:30pm - 8:00pm Come and experience a carousel of activities from each of our faculties, watch a live performance and have refreshments in our bistro foyer.

Walton are now accepting applications from male students for a 2019 intake.

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Primary Masterclass - Computing

code bracelets

Today Walton welcomed twenty five students from local primary schools for a day of computing. Students started the day by writing algorithms to design crazy monsters and tested their skills at following instructions. They moved onto programming the BBC micro:bit computer; coding it to display different images and text and even creating a rock, paper, scissors game. Many students were able to adapt their code to create their own games such as water, fire, ice. After looking at binary and creating binary bracelets the final task took students back to using the micro:bits and programming a banana as a keyboard. This proved great fun and all students worked fantastically in their groups. Well done to everyone involved.

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‘The Sky’s The Limit’ RAF Art Competition

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‘The Sky’s The Limit’ RAF Art Competition

Budding artists from from Year 7 and 8 have entered the RAF’s ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ Art competition which is part of the RAF’s 100 year anniversary celebrations. Art and Photography entries are being worked upon in hope that they will be selected for a special exhibition that will be held at RAF Cranwell, within the Spitfire Room in College Hall Officer’s Mess.

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Walton Science Fair


Walton Science Fair

Y8 students have been working in teams on their very own independent Science projects. The students creatively put together displays, demos and activities for both staff and students to see during the Science Fair showcase on Tuesday 24th April. Some of the displays included ‘What causes Brain freeze?’, ‘Density’, ‘Walking Water, ‘The Water Cycle’ and ‘Space’. Activities on show included ice cream tasting, UV tents, density experiments and chemical reactions on show. The winning team with the most votes was the ‘Plastic Milk’, where students had made a very professional display and had researched how to make an alternative to plastic using milk. The group had worked very well as a team and had used their own independent ideas to make their display both interesting and relevant. All students were enthusiastic and worked extremely hard to carry out and to present their projects.

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Governor Mark


Walton governors have secured Governor Mark - a antionally recognised standard which recognises the effectiveness of the work they do.  Thanks to all our governors for their tireless efforts on behalf of the academy.


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Open Evening -27th June


Save the date - Walton Open Evening - 27 June 2018 from 5.30-8pm - come along with your sons and daughters to view our academy and enjoy a wide range of activities on the evening. All welcome, no booking necessary!

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